Frequently asked questions

1. When is my order going to arrive?

Kmart Online Customers who have Click and Collect orders ready for collection at select Victorian stores can book and pay for home delivery of their Click & Collect order through our service. Orders booked before 12pm Monday to Friday will be delivered by 8pm the same day. Orders received after 12pm will be delivered the next day by 8pm the latest*. Orders placed after 12pm on Friday and anytime during the weekend will be delivered on Monday.

*Please note: during lockdowns, while a large majority of deliveries arrive before 8pm on the day of delivery, there can be some delays. Covid exposure sites, restrictions and red zones as well as high volumes and pressure on store staff, can lead to these delays. Thanks so much for your patience.

2. How much does it cost?

Get it Fast is offering this service for $11 (incl GST) on eligible orders. This price is subject to change without notice. This fee is payable directly to Get it Fast when making the booking.

3. What orders can be delivered?

This offer only applies to Kmart Click & Collect orders ready for collection which weigh less than 15 kgs, the longest dimensions not exceeding 105 cms (with a 0.25 cubic metre volume limit) and to delivery addresses within 10 kms (by road) of the relevant Kmart store. Meaning the size of all items in the order combined, must fall under 15kgs and 105cm. The size of the order can’t exceed 0.25 cubic metres. If you think the items in your order may be too large and exceed those limits please check on the Kmart website first (it lists the dimensions of the items), before placing an order with us. Feel free to contact us via email ( or chat (bottom right) if you’re unsure.

We are unable to deliver large items or business orders. If your order cannot be delivered by us, is within our order limits, we will cancel your booking, refund your shipping fee and notify you in an email. If you have booked items with us which exceed our maximum limits, our driver will not accept these items at the store and we will be unable to refund your delivery fee.

Known items  which we cannot deliver include:

Large Round Mirror (exceeds maximum dimensions)

Bean bags/Refills (3 or more)


4. How do I make a booking?

You can make a booking by clicking on the link sent to you by Kmart or by clicking the button below. Please note: by making a booking with us, you are providing consent for our drivers to pickup and deliver your Kmart order.

Your credit card will be charged by GetitFast.

5. Why can’t I see my store in the list of stores?

As of now Kmart is offering this service in select stores only.

6. My address is further than the 10km requirement. Can I pay extra to get it delivered?

We appreciate the interest however as of now there is no way for us to deliver orders beyond 10kms from the designated Kmart store.

8. I’ve booked a delivery with Get It Fast but want to pick it up myself now. Can I do that?

Yes as long as it’s ready for collection at the store. You’ll be refunded the $11 delivery fee if you let our customer service know before the order’s been assigned.

9. I have two or more orders. Can I get them all delivered for $11?

Unfortunately due to auditing and statistical reasons we can’t deliver two orders at once. They would need to be placed with us separately.

10. How can I track my delivery?

After a successful booking you will receive an email with a link to an order tracking page, which updates real time.

11. When will my delivery arrive?

If you placed your order with us before 12pm it will arrive on the same day by 8pm the latest. If you placed your order with us after 12pm it will be delivered the next day (including weekends) by 8pm the latest.

12. Nothing has changed on the tracking yet should I be concerned?

Orders are usually picked up between 12-6pm and delivered before 8pm. So no need to worry until then.


13. My order was picked up __ hours ago and hasn’t arrived yet is that normal?

Our drivers are assigned multiple deliveries per day which are then organised by a computer to determine the fastest possible route. This may mean a driver picks up an order first but delivers it later depending on other deliveries that day. Don’t worry! We honour our commitment to deliver all of our orders by 8pm* the absolute latest and many customers are pleasantly surprised by how quickly their order arrives.

*Please note: during lockdowns, while a large majority of deliveries arrive before 8pm on the day of delivery, there can be some delays. Covid exposure sites, restrictions and red zones as well as high volumes and pressure on store staff, can lead to these delays. Thanks so much for your patience.

14. My order was delivered to a wrong address / It’s been delivered but I don’t have it

In this case it’s best to contact our customer service team using the blue chat button on the bottom right or by the email or phone number listed below. Please note as per our terms and conditions the issue must be raised within 48 hours of the delivery being ‘completed’ for us to guarantee a resolution. As a same day / next day delivery service it becomes extremely difficult to locate orders beyond that timeframe.

15. Do you do contact-less delivery? Can you leave it at my door?

Yes. We observe social distancing and contact-less delivery practices. As such, we do not ask for your signature, but take a photo of the item upon delivery to your door.

16. I have a Click & Collect Order with Kmart but haven’t received the email option for Get It Fast Delivery?

You can still place it with us using the ‘Book Now’ button at the top. Just be weary it has to be ready for collection when you place it with us and to follow the requirements outlined on this page. You can check that under the store list on the Book Now page.

17. My delivery was cancelled. What does this mean?

Your delivery may have been cancelled due to a few reasons. Please visit the cancellation page which outlines what happened.

18. I booked a delivery but want to pick it up myself now. Can I do that?

Yes, when your order’s ready for collection at the store you can pick it up anytime before a driver is assigned and will be refunded the delivery fee. Just let our customer service know so we can process that. If a driver has already been assigned please let our team know and we’ll get back to you.

18. Where is the proof of delivery?

The tracking page you will receive will provide photographic proof of delivery.

19. My item has arrived damaged- what do I do?

We take great care in delivering your item. The Proof of Delivery shows the state of the item when it was delivered to you. We are not responsible for damaged items inside the package. Please contact us if your item was received damaged so we can investigate with Kmart.

20. How do I contact you?

You can contact us between 9am – 8:30pm. Responses on weekends may be delayed

  • Chat: just click the blue button on the bottom right 🙂
  • Email:
  • Phone: 1300 334 504
  • Facebook: Get it Fast

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